The most vital component in any learning environment the expertise and attention to detail you receive. When signing on with Sarge we provide you with individual orientation and instruction, and, each program is designed with the needs of the athlete or individual in mind. There is no “signing on” or hidden costs here, we focus on service, honesty and integrity, not selling something you don’t need or won’t use!

Sarges Athletic Performance Center

Sarge’s Athletic Performance Center is located at 1 Taylor Blvd in New Kingstown, PA (right off the Carlisle Pike). 4000 square feet of fitness facilities available for use by “SERIOUS STUDENT S AND ATHLETES”, professional athletes, and select hours exclusively for the parents or fitness minded. We also have nightly and weekend speed, agility and explosiveness classes.

Our goal is to ensure a safe, effective workout for both the novice and experienced athlete while maintaining above average academic standards.