Pioneering the Industry By Making Academics the #1 Priority!

If academics are not a priority you need not apply!

In the past 14 years:

Our athletes have a College Graduation Rate of 98%!

We have 3 Travers Award Winners And 6 Runner Ups!

High School Graduation rate 100% and over 200 members of The National Honor Society

Our Middle School Program boasts 97% Honor Students

It takes more than athletic ability to become successful, you WILL be held accountable! Give me an athlete who is as concerned about their academics as they are about their athletics and I’ll show you someone destined for success! Long after the competition of the game and the thrill of victory there will be challenges that have more to do with brains than brawn. Our standards and our expectations are demanding, just like our training. If you think that “getting by” is acceptable we may not be the facility for you. It’s OK though, any other health club or workout spa in the area will gladly take your money, regardless of how well you do in the classroom.

Because academics play such an important part in our program we can arrange tutoring for those in need.

Sarge’s Athletic Performance Center – Where Academics And Athletics Collide!!