“Immediately following my senior season of college Bob subjected me to some of the most intense strength and conditioning workouts I have ever experienced. I was trying to put myself in a position to be seen and noticed by the NFL scouts. Over a four week time period Bob totally maximized our time, and, my abilities to prepare for the Hula Bowl and NFL combines. His strategy certainly worked… I went from an underused and unnoticed blocking back to the first fullback taken in the draft! This is in no small part due to Bob Forry’s program”

Jon Ritchie, Philadelphia Eagles



Matt spent the summer before his senior year at PSU training with us. He spent countless hours working on power, explosion and speed development and it showed during the season. Matt commented after an hour in the sun, heat and humidity “Sarge, that was a SERIOUS workout”

Matt Kranchick, New England Patriots



Carla spent the summer with Sarge, running the hills, in the sand pit and doing interval training, before leaving Sarge asked “was it worth it? doing the extra things nobody else on your team did” she commented “It’s gonna pay off in March”, they made it to NCAA tournament but were defeated by Bowling Green. Carla’s future in women’s professional basketball is a direct reflection of the time and energy she puts into each workout.

Update: Carla was selected to play for WNBA’s Chicago Sky in the first round 10th pick!

Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt University



“The training methods used by Sarge are proven and effective in building champions. He sets a high standard demanding hard work and perfect technique. While training with Sarge after I graduated from Stanford I increased my 225 rep max from 15 to 26 and increased my one rep max by more than 100 lbs in 2 1/2 months. His enthusiasm for training young people has made him responsible for countless division 1 scholarships, dozens of team captains, and numerous professional athletes! Bob Forry remains the capstone for strength and conditioning in the keystone state.”

Marcus Hoover, Stanford University



“Several years ago, as an 8th grade student in the Cumberland Valley High School system, my brothers introduced me to Bob Forry. He began to train me based on my ability level at the time. More importantly, he taught me how to have fun, while I was training in a strenuous and demanding manner. I didn’t view the training regime as work, but play and a way to get the most out of athletics. Bob helped me recognize where I was as an athlete and encouraged me to set goals weekly. Through the goal setting and constant evaluation, I progressively got stronger and performed at higher levels than normal. The added strength, flexibility and agility assisted in playing a role in optimum performance at the PIAA State Wrestling Tournament in my freshman year at CV. I was fortunate to place 6th at the 171lb weight class. In the three ensuing years, I continued to progress, maturing both physically and mentally. My confidence level improved by the day, because of the mental toughness I was learning. I feel that his training helped me develop a subconscious edge that would not have existed. During my last three years in high school, I achieved all-conference honors in football and placed in the aforementioned State Wrestling tourney three additional times; 2nd, 6th and 1st place my senior year. I received All-American honors my Jr. and Sr.years and a wrestling scholarship to PSU.

Bob Forry told me that I would bench press 400lbs the week of the State Championship. That goal was accomplished on Tuesday evening. He understood my limitations, but constantly challenged me to improve and ultimately was a prime mover in my success. Sarge can’t do it for you, but he CAN prepare you for the journey!”

Jon Sauve – All-American, Cumberland Valley HS



” I contacted Bob Forry and asked if he would be interested in training me to achieve my ultimate goal; the NFL. Forry immediately took me under his wing and put me through the most rigorous training program I have ever experienced. We trained for a year’s time 4 nights a week; Holidays included. We trained on Christmas morning and we trained on Thanksgiving Day. There is a saying, “You have to Believe to Achieve.” I signed a two year free agent deal with the Washington Redskins. I have played in NFL Europe for the Rhein Fire and upon completion of NFL Europe I signed a one year free agent deal with the Green Bay Packers. Dreams can become realities through hard work, dedication, and top quality training. I would not have achieved what I did without the dedication and rigorous training of Bob Forry. Forry’s training programs are not easy. They are very demanding and you will learn a lot about yourself through these programs. His knowledge, expertise, and certifications in this field of study brought out the best in my abilities and enabled me to compete at the professional ranks.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that all your dreams and goals can be achieved at some point in your athletic careers.”

Jeff Sauve – Boston Red Sox 1995-1997

Washington Redskins 1998

NFL Europe 1999

Green Bay Packers 1999



“Not too often are we as coaches and athletes fortunate enough to come across a motivator like Bob Forry. Bob has been a part of my life as an athlete and as a coach and has helped me develop myself and most importantly my athletes into better athletes and most importantly better citizens. While in high school and college I was fortunate enough to have the ability to wrestle and play football. While in college Bob made my careers in both playing fields a success. Going from high school into college Bob knew what it took for me to make a sudden impact at the collegiate level and brought me to that level with his guidance and motivation. Knowing what Bob had done for me as an athlete, I now wanted him to have a direct impact on the athletes that I coach. Since I have been coaching Bob has worked directly with my wrestlers in and out of season.  Whatever sport I coach or wherever I coach, I want Bob Forry to have direct contact with every athlete that I am involved with so they have the same opportunities that I had to become a great student athlete, a most importantly a better person. Bob Forry is truly one of God’s people and I would not be where I am today without him in my life.

Dave Heckard – Wrestling Coach, Cumberland Valley HS

State Champ, Cumberland Valley HS

Wrestling, Penn State University

Football, Villanova



“Bob designed a strength and conditioning program for our sprinters. He introduced the program by demonstrating all the lifts and supervising several strength training sessions. He has since followed up with several visits to see how the program was working. I feel that his program helped our sprinters become both stronger and faster and has helped to reduce injuries. Since implementing Bob’s program, our school record book in the sprints has been virtually rewritten!”

Steve Spence – Head Track & Field Coach, Shippensburg University



Sarge’s weight lifting and conditioning programs have been a big part of our on field success here at Shippensburg University. Our players respond to his teaching methods and they know Sarge will make them stronger and faster. Sarge understands what it takes for each player to reach their full potential in the weightroom and on the field. He coaches our players with discipline and he is a great motivator. Any athlete will be better at their sport if they train with Sarge. 

Coach Mac – Head Football Coach Shippensburg University



If you’re a serious student-athlete and want to make yourself better on the field, court, track, or in the pool; Sarge is the person you need to work with. Since working with my team, my players have gotten bigger, stronger, and faster while using his weight room workout and being put through his field training. He has helped me not only prepare my players for high school competition, but promote players to numerous colleges all over the country to play collegiate athletics.

Josh Oswalt – Carlisle head football coach and former Sarge member in High School and College



Sarge offers great variety in his workouts. He has that innate ability to motivate the players in our program to work at a high level of intensity throughout the entire workout. He does a great job with our kids.

Joel Quattrone– Dickinson College


I have trained at SGT4E off season in middle school  and year round since entering high school 3 years ago; and as a student-athlete I attribute my determination, focus, and “mental toughness” to the experiences I have had working under Trainer Sarge Forry. There is a culture here around a training system that produces real results among serious athletes. You learn to push through disappointment, take pride in accomplishment, and respect yourself and those working around you.  Most trainers will help you get stronger, but here the training was directed specifically to my sport allowing me to build the strength I needed to compete and protect myself from injury. As I wade through the college recruiting process, there is one thing I hear often –“Your athleticism stands out on the field” or “clearly your incredibly fit” and that is sometimes the start of a coach’s interest in me as a player. My goal is to play college soccer and get an education. I truly believe that would not be possible without my work using the SGT4E system at Sarge’s Athletic Performance Center. – Thank you Sarge! Jessica Getz